Sunshine Cooking
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Sunshine Cooking

by S. Narayanaswamy, Solar Power Newsletter I love my solar cooker. It is like a pet dog to me. First thing in the morning, I wheel it out to face the sun. I have been practising this cute… Read More

Solar Energy: Powering Craft and Communities

by Louise Meyer, Crafts News, Fall 2002 Finding adequate fuel sources is becoming more and more of a challenge for artisans around the world. The ever-increasing amount of time they need to spend providing for their families —… Read More

Cooking with Sunlight

by Jennifer Andes, Natural Home Magazine, May/June 2003 When Louise Meyer and Dar Curtis invite guests over for dinner on a late summer afternoon, all the cooking is done outdoors. There are no charcoal grills or other fossil… Read More

Rescuing the Sierra Gorda While Promoting Community and Human Development

Ashoka ( Pati Ruiz and a citizen effort spearheaded by the Sierra Gorda Ecology Group (Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda) have, through a long process of negotiation, created the one-million acre (383,567-hectare) Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve to protect Mexico’s… Read More

Reflections Of a Solar Cook

by Nicole M. Miller, Washington Post Staff Writer, Washington Post ‘FOOD’ Section, Page F01, August 29, 2001 Back from an early morning walk with her dog, Cokey, Louise Meyer starts to make dinner. It’s 7:30 a.m., the sky… Read More

The First Solar Community Kitchen

by Louise Meyer, Swiss Review, No.2, 2001 — Louise Meyer reports from a trip to Egypt. Alex Gagneux, the Swiss mechanical engineer responsible for building this kitchen was first brought into a project by Anna Marie Wenger-Marti, an… Read More

University Graduates Discover Solar Cooking Benefits

by Louise Meyer, Solar Cooker Review, December 2000 Every time I am in Switzerland I contact Group ULOG, a solar energy organization founded in 1980 by Ulrich and Lisel Oehler. I am indebted to Ulrich, who introduced me… Read More

A Solar Oven Made in Bolivia

La Paz newspaper, September 2001 (English Translation) A SOLAR OVEN MADE IN BOLIVIA "The Sunday market has become a useful stage to promote educational and informative programs. One of them is La Roca, a project of engineering services… Read More

Federal German Minister for Development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul emphasizes the importance of training in the promotion of solar cooking.

by Ulrike Roehr, ENERGIA News vol. 5 nr 4, p.9, December 2002 In the last legislative period, the German Federal Government decided to translate gender mainstreaming into action in all ministries. What does this mean for the work… Read More