Solar Household Energy: Solar cooking for economic development and environmental relief

Half of the world’s population relies on wood fires to cook.

Contributing to the success of SHE's mission

You can help by becoming a solar cook, an advocate for solar cooking or by making a donation to Solar Household Energy.

Your donation will make a difference, please choose how from the following:
  • $10 Will provide support for an organization focused on reducing environmental degradation, feeding rural communities, and reducing cooking related mortalities worldwide.
  • $25 Will provide two days' worth of solar cooking instruction by a refugee camp resident, and the means to effect change within their community.
  • $50 Will provide delivery of two HotPot solar ovens to families in Africa, and a smoke free environment.
  • $150 Will provide a solar oven and training for a family, and a means to self-sustainability.
  • $250 Will provide one week solar cooking demonstration/exhibit at an environmental or international development-oriented conference/event in the USA, and increase global support.
  • $500 Will provide salary of a refugee camp resident solar cooking project manager for one month, and enhance capacity and livelihood.
  • $1,000 Will provide three months of solar cooking instruction to refugee camp residents and the adoption of lifelong skills.
  • $2,500 Will provide a start up solar cooking project pack for 10 families and improved life chances.
  • $25,000-$100,000 Will support a pilot project to bring 100-250 solar ovens to rural community in need, setting stage for a self-sustaining “scale up”, leading to community-wide adoption of the technology.


Contributions to SHE, Inc. can be made through
Network For Good's secure online donation form:

Contributions also can be made by check, payable to
Solar Household Energy, Inc.
3327 18th St. NW
Washington, DC 20010

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