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Solar Household Energy (SHE) leverages the power of solar cooking to improve social, economic and environmental conditions in sun-rich areas around the world.

Over half the world’s population relies on wood, charcoal or other biomass for daily cooking, leading to respiratory diseases, economic hardship, environmental degradation, and carbon emissions. Solar cooking offers a practical, affordable, and sustainable alternative.

Since 1998, Solar Household Energy has worked with non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and public sector entities to promote solar cooking with modern solar ovens, including the “HotPot” developed by SHE. We help to introduce the technology in developing countries through making suitable devices available within the context of comprehensive training initiatives, including progress monitoring and project evaluation.



For families reliant on wood or biomass fuels for cooking there are a host of health problems tied to their use of cooking fires, from Smoke Inhalation to Fire Maintenance and Upkeep.

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For families already struggling with economic challenges, the need to devote precious time and resources to gathering biomass for fires can be crippling. Families that buy their cooking fuel can spend up to one-quarter of their income on… Read More

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Often overlooked in global emissions agreements, the CO2 released by cooking fires is a major contributor to the world’s emissions problems. A solution which can diminish the third world’s reliance on biomass exists, solar cooking. Emissions: More than… Read More

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