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Half of the world’s population relies on wood fires to cook.

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Solar Cooking News - Archive (prior to 2006)

Dispatches from around the globe and related articles of interest to the solar cooking community

SHE Backgrounder
Description of Solar Household Energy's HotPot solar oven as a solution to global challenges.

FY 2006 Annual Report

Literature Review of Alternate and Renewable Energies in Developing Countries
by Karyn Ellis
A thesis which provides a feasible rationale as to why different types of alternative solar energy projects would or wouldn't be successful in a rural village in Africa, and to justify these findings in terms of sustainability and cultural awareness.

Launch of the El Salvador HotPot Program
by Camille McCarthy, January 2006
The launch of the EL Salvador program with Feed the Children El Salvador and another Salvadoran NGO partner included an inauguartion, trainings, and preparation for follow-up sessions.

First Major Shipment of HotPots to Mali, West Africa
by Richard Stolz
More than one thousand HotPot solar ovens arrived this summer in West Africa and represents SHE Inc.’s first major delivery of HotPots to Africa.

Field Tests of the HotPot, a New Solar Cooker, in West Africa
by Melanie Szulczewski, Ph.D., October 2006
Tests to re-evaluate the capacity of the HotPot to effectively heat water and food were performed this past year in Burkina Faso, The Gambia and Senegal. The results confirm again that the HotPot is an effective and efficient solar cooker.

Working With the World Bank and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Promote Solar Cooking
by Louise Meyer, July 2006
SHE received financial support from the World Bank and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to disseminate solar cooking technology in rural Mexico.

Lasting Impacts of Solar Cooker Projects
by Melanie Szulczewski, Ph. D., Solar Household Energy, Inc., June 2006
A review of evaluations of solar cooking projects in Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Kenya provides conclusive evidence of successful technology transfer and cultural acceptance of solar cooking.

World Bank’s Wolfowitz Hails SHE’s HotPot
by Richard Stolz, Solar Household Energy, Inc., Summer 2006
World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz recently singled out SHE’s HotPot solar oven as an example of a product that “helps poor people seize the opportunities they need to transform their lives and to create better futures for their children.”

Sol Food
Los Angeles Times Magazine, September 25, 2005
Eleanor Shimeall of Borrego Springs, California has been an avid solar cook for 25 years.

The HotPots of Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra
by Najiba Abdellaoui,, January 2006
SHE Mali partner, Mme Sissoko, recently told Ode Magazine how HotPots can help promote environmental protection and economic development in Mali and in other African countries.

Evaluation of a Solar Oven Promotion Program in Ethiopia, 1997-2001
Report on Solar Cookers International's refugee project with solar ovens in the Aisha camp, Ethiopia.

FSEC Helps Develop More Efficient and Durable Solar Cooker
The Energy Chronicle, A Newsletter of the Florida Solar Energy Center, July 2005

Workshop for Fresh Solar Cooking Technology
by Sean Blaschke, The Independent (Banjul), April 18, 2005

Solar Cooking Spreads to Central America
by Camille McCarthy, Solar Household Energy, Inc., May 2005

Mexican Straw Weavers in Mixteca Region of Oaxaca Learn to Solar Cook
by Louise Meyer, Solar Household Energy, Inc., Weave A Real Peace Newsletter, Summer 2005

Solar Cooking: Rays of Transformation
by Darwin O’Ryan Curtis Solar Household Energy, Inc. and Louise Meyer Solar Household Energy, Inc., Americas, April 2005

Solar Cooking Training in Mali
by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc.
Christine Danton traveled to Mali to conduct a HotPot solar cooking training with Peace Corps volunteers, staff, government, and NGO representatives.

Evaluation Report: Solar Oven Exposition, Kaedi, Mauritania
by Rachel Bingham, August 2004

Opportunity Ripe for Solar Cooking in Mali
by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc., August 2004

The HotPot in Mexico
by Louise Meyer, Solar Household Energy, Inc., DAAD Letter, Sping 2004
From Germanistik to solar cooking – the improbable journey of a DAAD scholar.

How Are Solar Ovens Improving the Lives of Women and the Environment?
by Janice Duddy, Association for Women's Rights in Development, April 2004

Wood Fuel Scarcity in the Sahel and the Potential of Solar Cookers
by Dr. Paul Krämer, MD tropical medicine, Solar Energy for Afrika conference, Düsseldorf, 2003

Humphrey Program: Researching Alternative Energy Sources
MACECE Newsletter, Summer-Fall 2003
Humphrey fellow works to introduce solar cooking in Morocco.

Sunshine Cooking
by S. Narayanaswamy, Solar Power Newsletter (
A testimonial of solar cooking in India.

Report on Peace Corps Initiated Solar Oven Project in Lesotho, Southern Africa
by Mary Simonson, Nov. 2003

Solar Energy Used to Fight Poverty and Deforestation in Paraguay
by Martin Almada, Craft News, Winter 2001

Solar Energy: Powering Craft and Communities
by Louise Meyer, Crafts News, Fall 2002
How alternative energy could benefit artisans

Cooking with Sunlight
by Jennifer Andes, Natural Home Magazine, May/June 2003
Solar cookers offer crock-pot convenience and an alternative to preparing food with fossil fuels.

Rescuing the Sierra Gorda While Promoting Community and Human Development
Ashoka (
Pati Ruiz and the Sierra Gorda Ecology Group work to preserve and improve the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve by involving the poor of he community in environmental education, sustainable enterprises and training for self-sufficiency

Cooking with the sun: Chilean village’s experiment with solar ovens offers alternative to widespread deforestation
by Casey Woods, San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 2001
Initially skeptically received, solar oven usage in this Chilean village has expanded to include the opening of the world's first solar restaurant

Villagers in Sri Lanka Learn to Solar Cook
Solar Cooker Review, November 2001
Solar Cookers International assists EMACE in training enthusiastic villagers to use and build solar cookers

Afghanistan's Forests : Bare Mountains, Poor People
The Economist, Nov 1st 2001
In Afghanistan, deforestation causes a number of environmental disasters as the population faces ever diminishing sources of cooking and heating fuel.

Reflections Of a Solar Cook
by Nicole M. Miller, Washington Post Staff Writer, Washington Post 'FOOD' Section, Page F01, August 29, 2001
Louise Meyer, a native Washingtonian, shares her evolution, passion and experiences with solar cooking and her interest in spreading to the impoverished of the world

Langley’s SSE Data May Help Power Afghanistan
by Julia Cole, SAIC

The First Solar Community Kitchen
by Louise Meyer, Swiss Review, No.2, 2001

University Graduates Discover Solar Cooking Benefits
by Louise Meyer, Solar Cooker Review, December 2000

A Solar Oven Made in Bolivia
La Paz newspaper, September 2001

Solar cooking catches fire in Mexican nature reserve
by Louise Meyer

Deforestation, wood cooking practices tightly linked, analysis of data suggests
by Dr. Barbara Knudson

Turkey Project off to Good Start
by Dr. Barbara Knudson, "Solar Cooker Review" Vol. 7, Number 2, November 2001

CooKit Use and Marketing Taught in Burkina Faso
by Wietske A. Jongbloed, KOZON (A Dutch NGO), SCI Review, December 2000

Solar cooking provides antidote to wood fuel ‘famine’
by Dr. Barbara Knudson

How To Really Help Women of Afghanistan
by Dr. Barbara Knudson, November 2001

Summary of wood consumption study in Kakuma
by B. Knudson and W. Lankford, August 1998

Gendered Sights and Health Issues in the Paradigm of Biofuel in Sri Lanka
by Anoja Wickramasinghe, ENERGIA News vol. 4 nr 4, pp.12-14, December 2001

Federal German Minister for Development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul emphasizes the importance of training in the promotion of solar cooking.
by Ulrike Roehr, ENERGIA News vol. 5 nr 4, p.9, December 2002

Solar Dryer Systems and the Internet: important resources to improve food preparation
by David E. Whitfield, November 2000

Kitchen Appliance Plugged into the Sun
Interview with SHE partner and Director of the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund and the Director of the Sierra Gordas Ecological Group in Mexico.

Paul Munsen of Sun Ovens International receives US Commerce Department's Export Achievement Certificate

KOZON (Dutch NGO) report on CooKit construction with AFIMA (Association of Women Engineers of Mali)

Solar Power Cooks Medical Waste
Cookers powered by the sun could be a cheap method for developing countries to dispose of hazardous medical waste.

Baking in the Sun

Mexico: Promoting solar cooking in Sierra Gorda (video)

Reactions of a UN representative about solar cooking (video)

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“Training Participant is Amazed by the Cooked Rice” Oaxaca, Mexico, 2006

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