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Half of the world’s population relies on wood fires to cook.

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Solar Cooking Clearinghouses

Solar Cooking Archive
A clearinghouse on solar cooking sites produced by Solar Cookers International, the largest U.S.-based solar cooking organization.

Centre Neuchâtelois de Cuisine Solaire
A Swiss-based solar cooking clearinghouse (text on the site is in French).

An international network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, its objective is to 'engender' energy through information exchange, training, research, advocacy and by taking action.

Promoters and Researchers In Non-Conventional Energy (PRINCE)
A volunteer-based group dedicated to creating a better world for everyone through the use of renewable energy, based in Dhule, India.

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private partnership that seeks to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions.

International Solar Energy Society
The implementation of technologies for food processing and conservation through solar energy can help to reduce poverty, improve local economic opportunities and health conditions, and reduce environmental damage. In particular in those countries with a high solar radiation potential proper solar technologies can assist sustainable development in small rural communities. However, the full potential still needs to be explored. In this project the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) intends to establish a global network of interested parties (NGO's, politicians, farmers, and experts), that will aim to gather, further develop and promote efficient methods of solar food processing and conservation.

Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society
The mission of the Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society is to support the spread of solar cooking in the world as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating poverty.

SCI (Solar Cookers International)
Solar Cookers International is also a collaborator focused on helping economies through the use of solar energy.

Solar Oven Manufacturers and Product Designs

Radical Energy Saving Cooking Appliances
South African online store featuring solar cookers, fuel-efficient stoves and retained heat cookers.

Solar Cooker Manufacturers
List of makers of various solar cookers maintained by Solar Cookers International.

Information on one of the more recent additions of parabolic solar cookers proving popular in the USA and internationally - the SolSource.

Solar Cooker Designs (SCInet)
A listing of solar cookers by type and their respective advantages and disadvantages provided by SCInet.

Review of Solar Cooker Designs
Dr. Ashok Kundapur's review of approximately 60 major solar oven designs, 69 variations and over 100 drawings of solar cookers.

Rohitas Electronics
Tulsi Solar cookers manufactured by Rohitas Electronics.

A maker of "earth friendly, low impact" products including a solar cooker designed for backpackers.

Sun BD Corporation
Manufacturer of the SunFocus Solar Oven

ULOG Freiburg
ULOG is a sturdy, effective box cooker that is adaptable to a variety of materials and common hand-crafting skills. ULOG members have spread thousands of solar cookers in many countries, including Argentina, Burkina Faso, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, and Sudan.

Build your own solar cooker
A guide to building your own solar cooker.

Solar Oven Reasearch and Educational Tools

Indoor Smoke: Breaking Down Respiratory Defences
World Health Organization's new world map that shows the health impact smoke-filled kitchens have on women and children.

NASA Surface Meteorology & Solar Energy Database
Database of solar insolation information for regions of the world. Levels of 4kWh/m2 and above are suitable for solar cooking.

Heaven Sent Food
A solar cookbook that demystifies the secrets of solar cooking. Recipes include: meat, fish, poultry, bread, fruits, vegetables, deserts and convenience foods.

State of the Art of Solar Cooking Monograph
Dr. Barabara Knudson’s global survey of solar cooking. September 2004
State of the Art of Solar Cooking Monograph-Full text (232 page download)
State of the Art of Solar Cooking Monograph-Executive summary

Global map
Depicts populations in regions of abundant sunshine

----- Photos -----
“Training Participants Eating Their First Solar Cooked Meal” Buenos Aires, El Salvador, 2005 (left)
“Woman Serving Solar Cooked Chicken” Solola, Guatemala, 2005 (middle)
“Woman Carrying HotPot with Baby Strapped to Her Back” Oaxaca, Mexico, 2005 (right)

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