Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Conference

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Conference

Solar Household Energy exhibited the HotPot at the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Conference in Bangalore, India. The conference was dedicated to sharing alternative technologies to reduce indoor air pollution and clean indoor air program best practices. Over 100 groups from Latin America, Africa, Europe, the United States, Asia, and India participated in the March, 2007 conference.

The conference was held at St. John’s Medical College and addressed such issues as: raising the visibility of clean indoor air and the innovative, successful efforts being implemented worldwide; strengthening partners’ capacity to implement highly effective household energy programs, and mobilize and leverage resources; identifying common strategic objectives and opportunities for collaboration; developing a Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Report on the new generation of healthy and affordable household energy interventions; and generating commitments and actions to achieve the eight Forum priorities. On the final day of the conference, participants visited villages where two Indian NGO partners work. Indoor air pollution has been greatly reduced due to the installation of various types of fuel-efficient stoves that emit less smoke than traditional cooking fires.

SHE displayed the HotPot and answered questions about our programs. The EPA’s Partnership for Clean Indoor Air funded a 2-year grant for SHE’s Mexico HotPot solar cooking program. Traditionally, the use of fuel wood in poorly ventilated kitchens results in toxic smoke inhalation, to improve indoor air quality in rural Mexican households SHE, in partnership with the Mexican Foundation for the Protection of Nature, implemented the HotPot solar cooking program that trained Mexican families to use the HotPot. To date 3,000 HotPots have been sold in Mexico.

All participants agreed the conference re-instilled their commitment to the Partnership and improve indoor air quality.

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