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Join us to save People and the Environment!

Work for us! Solar Household Energy is hiring a program assistant. The ideal program assistant lives in the Washington, DC area; can work remotely, on a part-time, flexible basis; brings experience in international development, and program management, among other qualities. For more about this opportunity to help promote solar cooking around the world, empower women, and protect the environment, please see our job description, or apply via Idealist.

Volunteer. Solar Household Energy, Inc is committed to minimizing damage to the environment through promoting use of solar cooking worldwide, and we want you to be part of this effort! SHE provides various volunteer opportunities that would meet your interests and expertise.

In your Community​​

Trainer / Instructor
We believe that one of the most effective ways to spread this new technology is to demonstrate the usage of Solar Cooking, and trainers / instructors are the key components to achieve SHE’s mission. Based on our experience, 92.7% of solar cooking course participants in Bolivia continue to use their cooker 3-5 years after the course ended. Trainer or Instructor will teach how to solar cook to public and demonstrate benefits of solar cooking in various including both locations in your local community and worldwide.

With the SHE Team​​

Solar Household Energy needs your expertise to accomplish our mission and we especially welcome volunteers with skills in the following areas:

  • Social Media Developer/IT Specialist
    • To raise the SHE profile and explore potential for publicity and persuasion using social media.
    • To enhance capacity of SHE in the use of social media.
    • To advise on or manage web based content and design.
  • Fund Raiser
    • To assist SHE in developing required fund raising tactics and strategies, including the preparation of grant proposals.
  • Researcher
    • To research and collate information on solar cooking related topics and present the results in short, concise papers.
  • Technician
    • To advance technical aspects of solar cooking development and promotion.
    • Specific need to investigate materials which do not conduct heat, plastics invulnerable to UV light, and simplification of solar cooker design.
  • Global Advisors
    • The International Advisors will support SHE staff in developing and implementing solar cooking projects in their respective countries, represent SHE to local partners and funders, and provide technical assistance. For more information, see the SHE International Advisory Board Charter.
  • Board Members
    • To help guide and direct SHE’s strategy and development. Suitably qualified volunteers are encouraged to submit their CV which will be held on file for consideration when a place on the Board becomes available.
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Use this Carbon Footprint Calculator to estimate your carbon emission contribution, then help offset by donating to Solar Household Energy’s efforts in reducing environmental degradation and improving air quality.