Solar Cooking News

Solar Cooking News

News articles and information from the solar community, with many featuring Solar Household Energy or our partners.

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100 Families Project in Nairobi Kenya – 2021 update

For background information, please see “100 Families Project.” Food support As the Covid lockdown has eased, we have continued our food assistance to the 100 families, but at a reduced level. We are now giving $3 to each… Read More

Join our kid-friendly solar cookout this Monday at Stead Park for SCAW!

  Dear friends, Join solar cooking enthusiasts all around the world celebrating Solar Cooking Awareness Week! It is the week from June 23rd to 30th in the northern hemisphere, and December 17th to 23rd in the southern hemisphere…. Read More

Watch “Mujeres del Sol” – “Women of the Sun” in Oaxaca

This video showcases over three years of work uplifting women from the Central Valleys of Oaxaca with the Haines solar ovens, reflected in the experience acquired by the community leaders. The relevance and adoption of the use of… Read More

The 2020 Annual Report is here!

Dear friends of Solar Household Energy, Thank you for your interest and support for SHE.  Without your contributions we would be unable to offer low-income and remote communities in developing countries comprehensive programs introducing efficient, clean-energy solar cookstoves… Read More

100 Families Project

Family with donated groceries

In 2020, SHE joined forces with solar cooking expert Tom Sponheim, embracing his “100 families” project in Nairobi to lift up 100 families that sank into poverty due to Coronavirus pandemic effects. Using a new radically transparent model,… Read More