SHE launching solar cooker enterprise in Mexico and bringing relief to Mexico earthquake victims
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SHE launching solar cooker enterprise in Mexico and bringing relief to Mexico earthquake victims

SHE is excited to partner with Mexican solar cooking expert Lorena Harp to bring solar cooking to the rural women of Oaxaca State through a sustainable social enterprise. Lorena Harp has been promoting the HotPot and other solar… Read More

Parade Magazine: Solar cookers are being used in refugee camps

Published in Parade Magazine, March 1, 2009 The Simple Tool That Saves Women’s Lives Before they got the solar cookers, female refugees often were attacked. A cardboard box is saving the lives of thousands of people in Africa…. Read More

HotPot Recipe Book Created in El Salvador

by Bridget Huttenlocher, Summer 2007 Women participating in the El Salvador HotPot pilot project took it upon themselves to create a recipe book.  The book, which features photos taken during demonstrations of the HotPot, details how to solar… Read More

How Are Solar Ovens Improving the Lives of Women and the Environment?

by Janice Duddy, Association for Women’s Rights in Development, April 2004 An interview with Louise Meyer and Barbara Knudson from Solar Household Energy Inc. on a new initiative to introduce 2,000 HotPots to people living in protected areas… Read More

How To Really Help Women of Afghanistan

by Dr. Barbara Knudson, November 2001 In a recent article in The Economist, the tragic environmental circumstance of the Afghan people is described in stark statistical terms. Forest cover of its land mass has virtually disappeared in the… Read More

Gendered Sights and Health Issues in the Paradigm of Biofuel in Sri Lanka

by Anoja Wickramasinghe, ENERGIA News vol. 4 nr 4, pp.12-14, December 2001 In Sri Lanka, biofuels are the primary source of energy and account for nearly 66% of the annual energy consumed. Annually nearly 10 million tons of… Read More