SHE’s 2018 Annual Report is here!

SHE’s 2018 Annual Report is here!

Dear friends,

The 2018 Annual Report is here! Your financial contributions this year supported solar cooker social enterprises in Haiti, Mexico, Uganda and Kenya, new ventures in The Gambia and Puerto Rico, advances in solar cooker research and design, and education initiatives. Our report also covers our 2019 plans, our team, and our GuideStar Gold-certified commitment to accountability and transparency.

SHE 2018 Annual ReportWe need your continued support to make sure our budding social micro-enterprises have the financial and technical support they need to become independent businesses, able to sustain themselves through solar cooker sales and promotion. This year, we are donating a HotPot solar cooker with its anodized aluminum reflector (value of $215 including shipping) to the first 10 people who send donations of $250 or more!

Thanks to your support, women and their families around the world will breathe cleaner air, save money on fuel, engage in productive activities as the sun cooks their food, and enjoy a greener environment. Please be generous with your contributions!
Sunny wishes for the New Year!

Sophie Lyman, Executive Director, and the SHE Team

Sophie Lyman signatureSophie Lyman, SHE Executive Director


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