Dear Friends of Solar Household Energy,
Thank you for your interest and support for SHE.  Without your contributions we would be unable to offer low-income and remote communities in developing countries comprehensive programs introducing efficient, clean-energy solar cookstoves to prepare wholesome meals.

As we have witnessed, it is these communities which have been impacted most heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with disrupted global supply chains, restricted food commodity trade routes and the inflationary pressures on world economies, all efforts to facilitate the access of the poor to adequate, healthful nutrition must be pursued. Solar cooking addresses the fundamental ability of families to cook in a healthy, safe, and affordable way.

During 2021, SHE local community outreach activities were limited as a result of the pandemic.  Nevertheless, SHE carried on supporting our partners in developing countries, promoting and improving the technology and testing of solar ovens, planning to leverage the carbon credits market and, stimulated by the new approaches to “remote” learning, began development of virtual training materials.  With the support our partners on the ground, we expect to reach even more communities through these virtual learning approaches.

Fortunately, as we enter 2022, several previously pent-up opportunities now are emerging to engage additional communities, replicate our successful programs and also meet new challenges.  In the following report you will find more detail about our 2021 activities and what we expect lies ahead for 2022. Please continue to support SHE and our global network of trusted international partners to deliver a proven solution to the critical challenge of clean-energy cooking.

David Grossman

President, SHE-INC

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