Solar Cooking News

Solar Cooking News

University Graduates Discover Solar Cooking Benefits

by Louise Meyer, Solar Cooker Review, December 2000 Every time I am in Switzerland I contact Group ULOG, a solar energy organization founded in 1980 by Ulrich and Lisel Oehler. I am indebted to Ulrich, who introduced me… Read More

The First Solar Community Kitchen

by Louise Meyer, Swiss Review, No.2, 2001 — Louise Meyer reports from a trip to Egypt. Alex Gagneux, the Swiss mechanical engineer responsible for building this kitchen was first brought into a project by Anna Marie Wenger-Marti, an… Read More

Langley’s SSE Data May Help Power Afghanistan

by Julia Cole, SAIC Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE) recently confirmed that enough sunlight reaches Afghanistan to power solar cookers for people without electricity. SHE made the determination using information from Langley Research Center’s Surface Meteorology and Solar… Read More

Reflections Of a Solar Cook

by Nicole M. Miller, Washington Post Staff Writer, Washington Post ‘FOOD’ Section, Page F01, August 29, 2001 Back from an early morning walk with her dog, Cokey, Louise Meyer starts to make dinner. It’s 7:30 a.m., the sky… Read More

Afghanistan’s Forests : Bare Mountains, Poor People

The Economist, Nov 1st 2001 Missing trees reflect the country’s woeful recent history FAISABAD WHITE peaks, brown hills, a muddy river and pungent blue wood-smoke in Faisabad, the largest city in opposition-controlled Afghanistan, all mark the opening of… Read More