More HotPots for Sudanese refugees in Chad

More HotPots for Sudanese refugees in Chad

A small solar cooker distribution and training pilot project in the Gaga refugee camp in Chad led to a larger effort. Both projects were managed under the auspices of and with funding support from the U.N. High Commissioner… Read More

The Sun Also Braises

by Rick Weiss, The Washington Post, October 1996 Renewable Energy Advocates Offer Invention That Can Harness and Ease Global Warming. Here’s a Zen riddle: How can the greenhouse effect help reduce the greenhouse effect? The answer, according to… Read More

Field Tests of the HotPot, a New Solar Cooker, in West Africa

by Melanie Szulczewski, Ph.D., October 2006 According to the World Bank, 94% of the African rural population and 73% of the urban population use fuelwood as their primary energy source. Unfortunately, supplies of fuelwood are diminishing throughout the… Read More

World Bank’s Wolfowitz Hails SHE’s HotPot

by Richard Stolz, Solar Household Energy, Inc., Summer 2006 World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz recently singled out SHE’s HotPot solar oven as an example of a product that “helps poor people seize the opportunities they need to transform… Read More

Evaluation Report: Solar Oven Exposition, Kaedi, Mauritania

by Rachel Bingham, August 2004 EVALUATION REPORT SOLAR OVEN EXPOSITION, KAEDI, MAURITANIA AUGUST 10, 2004 I BACKGROUND This project was a coordination of efforts between RPCV Shelagh Bocoum, Solar Household Energy, Inc (SHE), Mr. Abdoulaye Touré and Peace… Read More

CooKit Use and Marketing Taught in Burkina Faso

by Wietske A. Jongbloed, KOZON (A Dutch NGO), SCI Review, December 2000 Prior to development of the CooKit some years back, I had been working in Africa and using a solar box cooker. But while my daughter was… Read More