More HotPots for Sudanese refugees in Chad

More HotPots for Sudanese refugees in Chad

A small solar cooker distribution and training pilot project in the Gaga refugee camp in Chad led to a larger effort. Both projects were managed under the auspices of and with funding support from the U.N. High Commissioner… Read More

HotPot Recipe Book Created in El Salvador

by Bridget Huttenlocher, Summer 2007 Women participating in the El Salvador HotPot pilot project took it upon themselves to create a recipe book.  The book, which features photos taken during demonstrations of the HotPot, details how to solar… Read More

Literature Review of Alternate and Renewable Energies in Developing Countries

by Karyn Ellis, September 2007 ABSTRACT One of the biggest problems facing developing countries today is the deterioration of natural resources, as well as a lack of renewable ones. As natural resources continue to be consumed at an… Read More

Opportunity Ripe for Solar Cooking in Mali

by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc., August 2004 During my recent trip to Mali, I awoke at 4:30 AM one morning. The roosters were crowing, the sun was announcing its arrival and the call to prayer cut… Read More