2019 Annual Report Available Now

2019 Annual Report Available Now

Dear friend of Solar Household Energy,

For nearly two decades, Solar Household Energy has been a key player in the global solar cooking movement. We have developed innovative solar cooking technology, brought solar cooking to thousands across the globe, and tirelessly educated ordinary citizens, governmental policymakers, and nonprofit executives on the benefits of solar cooking.

As you know through your interest in what we do, solar cooking not only reduces pressure on forests and rare common property resources, but also improves the quality of life for multitudes of people (particularly women and children) who are spared the adverse health consequences of cooking with smoke-emitting wood and charcoal fires.

In some instances, solar cooking also protects the personal safety of women by delivering them from the dangerous mission of gathering firewood in unprotected areas. 

In 2019 we maintained our vital mission of unleashing the potential of solar cooking to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions in sun-rich areas of the world. Our accomplishments are chronicled in our annual report, available on our website.  

Please take a break during this busy season to learn about what we have been up to. And as always we greatly appreciate the support that allows us to maintain our important efforts.

With our best wishes for the season and the coming spring,                  

David Grossman                   Sophie Brock Lyman

President                                Executive Director

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