SHE 2020 Annual Report

SHE 2020 Annual Report

Dear friends of Solar Household Energy,
Thank you for your interest and support for SHE.  Without your contributions we would be unable to offer low-income and remote communities in developing countries comprehensive programs introducing efficient, clean-energy solar cookstoves to prepare wholesome meals. It is these communities which are impacted most heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has warned of a looming food crisis with devastating impact on global hunger and poverty – especially on the poorest and most vulnerable populations. Global poverty is projected to increase for the first time in more than 20 years and more people may die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself.

Like other international development organizations, SHE local community outreach activities have been hampered by global social distancing orders, border closures and disrupted trade – just as this assistance is needed most.  Nevertheless, SHE staff – with the ongoing support of our many expert-volunteers – have maintained regular communication with beneficiary communities pivoting to a focus on food supply as well as preparation, and family income generation investments. In both our Kenya 100 Families Project and Mexico Solar Cooking Ambassador Project (Cocineros Solares), we have been supporting participating families with donations to purchase food, and training to engage in income-generating activities.

SHE also has coordinated with solar cookstove manufacturers and the International Organization for Standardization to promote even more efficient solar cookstoves.  Based on current user feedback in Oaxaca, Mexico, the Haines Solar Cooker 1 was modified for easier assembly, and its instructions were enhanced by adding solar cooking theory and guidelines, and local Oaxacan recipes.  SHE research and development staff created a 20-minute video demonstrating the complete steps for conducting a standard test of a solar cooker.

In the SHE 2020 annual report report you will find more detail about our 2020 activities in this challenging environment.  It is clear that your support for SHE is more important – and urgent – than ever before. SHE has a strong foundation and a network of trusted international partners built up over several decades which we will leverage to both address the impact of the current pandemic on vulnerable households, and to continue our relentless pursuit to harness the cleanest source of household energy.


David Grossman
President of the Board
Solar Household Energy

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