SHE’s Solar Cookers are making people healthier, safer, and more prosperous.

Meet our participants and our team to see our impact in action.
why solar cooking Why Solar Cooking? - Imagine each time you cook being equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes, and collecting backbreaking firewood that only last a few days just to cook a meal. Meet a few of SHE’s trainees to see solar cooking in... Read More
story11 TEDx Talk: Food & Communication- Recipes for Development - Inspired by her experience living in the Ivory Coast, SHE co-founder, Louise Meyer, explains in this TEDx Talk why solar cooking offers so many benefits – making lives cleaner and more efficient.
tilori Introducing Solar Cookers in Tilori, Haiti - The Nature Conservancy (TNC) collaborated with Solar Household Energy (SHE) as part of a larger regional reforestation program. The project is in Tilori, located on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and on the boundary to... Read More
Sierra Gorda Pilot HP Training 5.2003 035 Meet Our Trainees. Norma Lupe, Oaxaca, Mexico. - To cook for her family of five, Norma Lupe used to use a combination of gas and firewood – consuming more than 10% of her meager income. Firewood was cheaper than gas, but would take backbreaking hours to... Read More
dominican Solar Cooking Project in the Dominican Republic - SHE’s joint solar cooking project with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in the Dominican Republic, 2013. The use of coal as an energy source is a major cause of deforestation resulting in a negative impact on biodiversity. Promoting the... Read More
paul arveson Integrated Solar Cooking – An Underutilized Solution - Article by SHE Board Member, Paul Arveson on the many benefits of solar cooking, American Scientific Affiliation, 2012. Forty years ago, Francis Schaeffer challenged Christians to set an example of care for the environment. Now, as the earth... Read More
Lunda Vincente Solar Cooking Art by Congolese Refugee Lunda Vincente - Lunda Vincente, a Congolese refugee in a camp in Zimbabwe has been corresponding with Louise Meyer of SHE for several years. He continues to share with us his beautiful artwork, much of which tells the story of solar... Read More