The HotPot Initiative in Mexico

The HotPot Initiative in Mexico

Since 2003, SHE has been conducting solar cooking projects in rural Mexico, and this work continues today.   This article describes the history of our efforts — with local partners — to introduce solar cookers and provide training and… Read More

Solar Household Energy FY 2013 Annual Report

2013: A Year of Progress on All Strategic Fronts. The Solar Household Energy FY 2013 Annual Report, highlights some of our recent achievements across the three principal strategic focus areas: making solar cooking available, educating, and investigation and research. Click here to view the FY 2013 Annual Report.

Radio Interview with SHE’s Louise Meyer

by Corbbmacc O’Connor – WAMU 88.5 D.I.Y. Food & Water If you lost power, how would you cook? If you were in a refugee camp, how would you filter water? Corbbmacc O’Connor tests two products — made by… Read More

Solar cooking’s potential highlighted at recent conferences in India

by Pat McArdle, Spring 2009 Two conferences held this winter in India highlighted the importance of solar cooking in reducing indoor air pollution, deforestation, black carbon and the danger faced by women who must forage for wood. “Beyond… Read More

SHE Addresses Renewable Energy Conference In Washington

by Richard Stolz, Spring 2008 A large audience attended a panel presentation titled Solar cooking: Renewable energy at home for a greener, healthier and wealthier world, organized by SHE at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference  on March… Read More

Partners in Senegal Embrace the HotPot

by Marie-Ange Binagwaho, January 2006 In November 2006 I traveled to Senegal to meet our partners and to review the progress of our pilot launch preparations. I visited five villages north of Dakar where, over the last six… Read More

The HotPots of Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra

by Najiba Abdellaoui,, January 2006 Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra is making a name for herself in global ecology circles as promoter of the HotPot initiative. HotPots are low-cost, easy-to-use solar ovens developed by Solar Household Energy (SHE),… Read More