Why Solar Cooking?

Why Solar Cooking?

Imagine each time you cook being equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes, and collecting backbreaking firewood that only last a few days just to cook a meal. Meet a few of SHE’s trainees to see solar cooking in… Read More

The Sun Also Braises

by Rick Weiss, The Washington Post, October 1996 Renewable Energy Advocates Offer Invention That Can Harness and Ease Global Warming. Here’s a Zen riddle: How can the greenhouse effect help reduce the greenhouse effect? The answer, according to… Read More

SHE Addresses Renewable Energy Conference In Washington

by Richard Stolz, Spring 2008 A large audience attended a panel presentation titled Solar cooking: Renewable energy at home for a greener, healthier and wealthier world, organized by SHE at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference  on March… Read More

Solar Cooking Targets the Hill

by Patricia McArdle, Summer 2007 In late July, Solar Household Energy collaborated with a number of organizations to demonstrate solar cooking on Capitol Hill with the goal of raising awareness among legislators and their staff, and government agency… Read More

The HotPots of Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra

by Najiba Abdellaoui, odemagazine.com, January 2006 Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra is making a name for herself in global ecology circles as promoter of the HotPot initiative. HotPots are low-cost, easy-to-use solar ovens developed by Solar Household Energy (SHE),… Read More