TEDx Talk: Food & Communication- Recipes for Development

TEDx Talk: Food & Communication- Recipes for Development

Inspired by her experience living in the Ivory Coast, SHE co-founder, Louise Meyer, explains in this TEDx Talk why solar cooking offers so many benefits – making lives cleaner and more efficient.

Integrated Solar Cooking – An Underutilized Solution

Article by SHE Board Member, Paul Arveson on the many benefits of solar cooking, American Scientific Affiliation, 2012. Forty years ago, Francis Schaeffer challenged Christians to set an example of care for the environment. Now, as the earth… Read More

Solar Cooking in El Salvador

NEW RESEARCH RE-CONFIRMS ACCEPTANCE and BENEFITS of SOLAR COOKING Solar Cooking in El Salvador The global impact of cooking over open fires is noted and the benefits of solar cooking are summarized. The results of a project introducing… Read More

A Solar Cooking Success Story in a Darfuri Refugee Camp

by Melanie Szulczewski A recent evaluation of solar cooker use in one Darfuri refugee camp shows significant improvements in families’ lives thanks to the acceptance and use of solar cookers. The Iridimi refugee camp, a camp of over… Read More

World Vison Report: Kitchen Appliance Plugged into the Sun

Interview with SHE partner and Director of the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund and the Director of the Sierra Gordas Ecological Group in Mexico. Solar cookers require nothing more than the sun’s energy to heat up food. And in… Read More

Opportunity Ripe for Solar Cooking in Mali

by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc., August 2004 During my recent trip to Mali, I awoke at 4:30 AM one morning. The roosters were crowing, the sun was announcing its arrival and the call to prayer cut… Read More