Meet Our Trainees. Norma Lupe, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Meet Our Trainees. Norma Lupe, Oaxaca, Mexico.

To cook for her family of five, Norma Lupe used to use a combination of gas and firewood – consuming more than 10% of her meager income. Firewood was cheaper than gas, but would take backbreaking hours to… Read More

BBC News: Solar power cooks medical waste

Cookers powered by the sun could be a cheap method for developing countries to dispose of hazardous medical waste. Solar-box cookers focus the sun’s rays and produce temperatures of between 100 and 150 degrees centigrade – enough to… Read More

Langley’s SSE Data May Help Power Afghanistan

by Julia Cole, SAIC Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE) recently confirmed that enough sunlight reaches Afghanistan to power solar cookers for people without electricity. SHE made the determination using information from Langley Research Center’s Surface Meteorology and Solar… Read More