Meet Our Trainees. Norma Lupe, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Meet Our Trainees. Norma Lupe, Oaxaca, Mexico.

To cook for her family of five, Norma Lupe used to use a combination of gas and firewood – consuming more than 10% of her meager income. Firewood was cheaper than gas, but would take backbreaking hours to… Read More

Why Solar Cooking?

Imagine each time you cook being equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes, and collecting backbreaking firewood that only last a few days just to cook a meal. Meet a few of SHE’s trainees to see solar cooking in… Read More

HotPots Aid Flood Victims In Tabasco, Mexico

by Richard Stolz, Spring 2008 Last November, one of the worst floods in Mexico’s history ravaged the southern state of Tabasco, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents for several weeks. In addition to the devastation caused to homes,… Read More

Solar Cooker Project Evaluation, Iridimi Refugee Camp, Chad

by Brie Loskota, University of Southern California Women and girls who live in the Iridimi refugee camp in Chad face attack and rape by the local population, bandits, and the Janjaweed militia when they leave the camp to… Read More