The World Wildlife Fund Nepal conducts trainings with HotPot
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The World Wildlife Fund Nepal conducts trainings with HotPot

by Pat McArdle, Spring 2009 The World Wildlife Fund Nepal asked a representative of Solar Household Energy to travel to Nepal to train villagers and the staff of WWF Nepal how to use the 500+ HotPot solar ovens… Read More

Parade Magazine: Solar cookers are being used in refugee camps

Published in Parade Magazine, March 1, 2009 The Simple Tool That Saves Women’s Lives Before they got the solar cookers, female refugees often were attacked. A cardboard box is saving the lives of thousands of people in Africa…. Read More

A Solar Cooking Success Story in a Darfuri Refugee Camp

by Melanie Szulczewski A recent evaluation of solar cooker use in one Darfuri refugee camp shows significant improvements in families’ lives thanks to the acceptance and use of solar cookers. The Iridimi refugee camp, a camp of over… Read More

HotPots Aid Flood Victims In Tabasco, Mexico

by Richard Stolz, Spring 2008 Last November, one of the worst floods in Mexico’s history ravaged the southern state of Tabasco, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents for several weeks. In addition to the devastation caused to homes,… Read More

Update: SHE and Tostan Begin Solar Cooking Partnership In Senegal

by Marie-Ange Binagwaho Solar Household Energy and Tostan had a very successful training session for the Senegal Solar Cooking Initiative, a project we are implementing in partnership with 21 Community Management Committees in villages in the Thiès region…. Read More

Solar Cooker Project Evaluation, Iridimi Refugee Camp, Chad

by Brie Loskota, University of Southern California Women and girls who live in the Iridimi refugee camp in Chad face attack and rape by the local population, bandits, and the Janjaweed militia when they leave the camp to… Read More

International Foundation Awarded SHE a $10K Grant

by Bridget Huttenlocher, Summer 2007 The International Foundation awarded SHE a $10K grant for the expansion of the Asociación Comunitaria Unida por el Agua y la Agricultura (ACUA) HotPot solar cooking program in El Salvador.  The grant will… Read More

El Salvador HotPot Program

by Camille McCarthy, January 2006 A project of Solar Household Energy, Inc. In Partnership with El Salvador partners Feed the Children and ACUA November 2006 — December 2008 Project Context Undulating mountain ranges dotted with extinct volcanoes, lush,… Read More

Partners in Senegal Embrace the HotPot

by Marie-Ange Binagwaho, January 2006 In November 2006 I traveled to Senegal to meet our partners and to review the progress of our pilot launch preparations. I visited five villages north of Dakar where, over the last six… Read More

Launch of the El Salvador HotPot Program

by Camille McCarthy, January 2006 In November 2006, I traveled to El Salvador to launch the El Salvador HotPot solar cooking program. I worked with the Feed the Children El Salvador (FTC) and Asociación Comunitaria Unida por el… Read More