First Major Shipment of HotPots to Mali, West Africa
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First Major Shipment of HotPots to Mali, West Africa

by Richard Stolz More than one thousand (1,048, to be specific) HotPot solar ovens arrived this summer in Bamako, Mali, West Africa . The 40-foot HotPot-laden shipping container represents SHE Inc.’s first major delivery of HotPots to Africa…. Read More

Working With the World Bank and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Promote Solar Cooking

by Louise Meyer, July 2006 ABSTRACT Solar Household Energy Inc., an NGO based in Washington, D.C., has received financial support from the World Bank and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to disseminate solar cooking technology in rural Mexico…. Read More

Lasting Impacts of Solar Cooker Projects

by Melanie Szulczewski, Ph. D., Solar Household Energy, June 2006 A review of evaluations of solar cooking projects using box and panel solar ovens in Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Kenya provides conclusive evidence of successful technology transfer and cultural… Read More

Solar Cooking Training in Mali

by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc. In November 2004, I traveled to Mali for three weeks to hold a solar cooking training and to continue negotiations with our business partner in Mali for their first shipment of… Read More

Evaluation Report: Solar Oven Exposition, Kaedi, Mauritania

by Rachel Bingham, August 2004 EVALUATION REPORT SOLAR OVEN EXPOSITION, KAEDI, MAURITANIA AUGUST 10, 2004 I BACKGROUND This project was a coordination of efforts between RPCV Shelagh Bocoum, Solar Household Energy, Inc (SHE), Mr. Abdoulaye Touré and Peace… Read More

Opportunity Ripe for Solar Cooking in Mali

by Christine Danton, Solar Household Energy, Inc., August 2004 During my recent trip to Mali, I awoke at 4:30 AM one morning. The roosters were crowing, the sun was announcing its arrival and the call to prayer cut… Read More

The HotPot in Mexico

by Louise Meyer, Solar Household Energy, Inc., DAAD Letter, Sping 2004 Indeed, the general topic of solar energy has already been the subject of the DAAD Letter, which published a cover story, "Projekt Sonne", in March 1999. That… Read More

Report on Peace Corps Initiated Solar Oven Project in Lesotho, Southern Africa

by Mary Simonson, Nov. 2003 Nancy Bailey and myself were U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in Lesotho, Southern Africa from May 2001 — July 2003. Lesotho is a high-altitude country where winters can be bitterly cold and deforestation and… Read More

Solar Energy Used to Fight Poverty and Deforestation in Paraguay

by Martin Almada, Craft News, Winter 2001 During the last few years, the socioeconomic situation of the rural communities in Paraguay, South America has steadily declined. Of Paraguay’s total population of five million, only 5% fit into the… Read More

Cooking with the sun: Chilean village’s experiment with solar ovens offers alternative to widespread deforestation

by Casey Woods, San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 2001 Note: This article is reprinted by permission of its author, Casey Woods. It originally ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 26, 2001, with the dateline Villaseca, Chile…. Read More