Mexico: Scaling up Lorena Harp’s Haines solar cooker enterprise
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Mexico: Scaling up Lorena Harp’s Haines solar cooker enterprise

SHE first became engaged in promoting solar cooking in Mexico in 2003 after winning a “Development Marketplace” grant from the World Bank. Fifteen years later, 40,000 HotPotTM solar cookers have been disseminated worldwide, thanks to partnerships instigated by… Read More

Solar cookers are great for desert locations

Please see video below ↓ Refugee women in the Gaga refugee camp in Chad need your help to make cooking a joy, not a burden! Please support Solar Household Energy’s fundraising campaign to offer solar cookers to these… Read More

500 Kenyan refugee children learn to solar cook!

Click here to learn more and see video that aired on Nairobi television shortly after the Festival.

Solar cookers use free energy to save money for the poor

Improving Lives. Preserving Precious Resources.

Introducing high-power solar cookers in Haiti

Since 2010, Solar Household Energy has collaborated with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to introduce integrated cooking technologies with solar ovens, parabolic solar stoves and fuel-efficient stoves as part of a larger regional reforestation program. The project is in… Read More

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