Solar Cooking News

Solar Cooking News

Solar Dryer Systems and the Internet: important resources to improve food preparation

by David E. Whitfield, November 2000 Presented at:INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOLAR COOKINGKIMBERLY – SOUTH AFRICA26th – 29th NOVEMBER, 2000 ABSTRACT In many countries of the world, the use of solar thermal systems in the agricultural area to conserve… Read More

Federal German Minister for Development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul emphasizes the importance of training in the promotion of solar cooking.

by Ulrike Roehr, ENERGIA News vol. 5 nr 4, p.9, December 2002 In the last legislative period, the German Federal Government decided to translate gender mainstreaming into action in all ministries. What does this mean for the work… Read More

Gendered Sights and Health Issues in the Paradigm of Biofuel in Sri Lanka

by Anoja Wickramasinghe, ENERGIA News vol. 4 nr 4, pp.12-14, December 2001 In Sri Lanka, biofuels are the primary source of energy and account for nearly 66% of the annual energy consumed. Annually nearly 10 million tons of… Read More

Summary of wood consumption study in Kakuma

by B. Knudson and W. Lankford, August 1998 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A solar cooking promotion project has been underway in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya since January1995. The camp houses refugees principally from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi,… Read More

How To Really Help Women of Afghanistan

by Dr. Barbara Knudson, November 2001 In a recent article in The Economist, the tragic environmental circumstance of the Afghan people is described in stark statistical terms. Forest cover of its land mass has virtually disappeared in the… Read More