The Sun Also Braises
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The Sun Also Braises

by Rick Weiss, The Washington Post, October 1996 Renewable Energy Advocates Offer Invention That Can Harness and Ease Global Warming. Here’s a Zen riddle: How can the greenhouse effect help reduce the greenhouse effect? The answer, according to… Read More

The World Wildlife Fund Nepal conducts trainings with HotPot

by Pat McArdle, Spring 2009 The World Wildlife Fund Nepal asked a representative of Solar Household Energy to travel to Nepal to train villagers and the staff of WWF Nepal how to use the 500+ HotPot solar ovens… Read More

HotPots Aid Flood Victims In Tabasco, Mexico

by Richard Stolz, Spring 2008 Last November, one of the worst floods in Mexico’s history ravaged the southern state of Tabasco, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents for several weeks. In addition to the devastation caused to homes,… Read More

Literature Review of Alternate and Renewable Energies in Developing Countries

by Karyn Ellis, September 2007 ABSTRACT One of the biggest problems facing developing countries today is the deterioration of natural resources, as well as a lack of renewable ones. As natural resources continue to be consumed at an… Read More

How Are Solar Ovens Improving the Lives of Women and the Environment?

by Janice Duddy, Association for Women’s Rights in Development, April 2004 An interview with Louise Meyer and Barbara Knudson from Solar Household Energy Inc. on a new initiative to introduce 2,000 HotPots to people living in protected areas… Read More

Wood Fuel Scarcity in the Sahel and the Potential of Solar Cookers

by Dr. Paul Krämer, MD tropical medicine, Solar Energy for Afrika conference, Düsseldorf, 2003 Let me fist propose the core of my argument in thesis form. Thesis 1: A part of the consumption of wood energy in the… Read More

Solar Energy Used to Fight Poverty and Deforestation in Paraguay

by Martin Almada, Craft News, Winter 2001 During the last few years, the socioeconomic situation of the rural communities in Paraguay, South America has steadily declined. Of Paraguay’s total population of five million, only 5% fit into the… Read More

Cooking with the sun: Chilean village’s experiment with solar ovens offers alternative to widespread deforestation

by Casey Woods, San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 2001 Note: This article is reprinted by permission of its author, Casey Woods. It originally ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 26, 2001, with the dateline Villaseca, Chile…. Read More

Afghanistan’s Forests : Bare Mountains, Poor People

The Economist, Nov 1st 2001 Missing trees reflect the country’s woeful recent history FAISABAD WHITE peaks, brown hills, a muddy river and pungent blue wood-smoke in Faisabad, the largest city in opposition-controlled Afghanistan, all mark the opening of… Read More

Langley’s SSE Data May Help Power Afghanistan

by Julia Cole, SAIC Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE) recently confirmed that enough sunlight reaches Afghanistan to power solar cookers for people without electricity. SHE made the determination using information from Langley Research Center’s Surface Meteorology and Solar… Read More