Solar Cooking Targets the Hill
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Solar Cooking Targets the Hill

by Patricia McArdle, Summer 2007 In late July, Solar Household Energy collaborated with a number of organizations to demonstrate solar cooking on Capitol Hill with the goal of raising awareness among legislators and their staff, and government agency… Read More

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Conference

by Bridget Huttenlocher, April 17, 2007 Solar Household Energy exhibited the HotPot at the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Conference in Bangalore, India. The conference was dedicated to sharing alternative technologies to reduce indoor air pollution and clean… Read More

Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Conference

by Bridget Huttenlocher, April 17, 2007 Solar Household Energy presented the HotPot at the annual Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service (ETHOS) January 2007conference in Kirkland, Washington. ETHOS is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to… Read More

Solar Energy Week Brings Message Down to Earth in Mexico

by Talli Nauman, Herald/Mexico, October 9, 2006 National Solar Energy Week is like a breath of fresh air, set as it is against the backdrop of politicking over privatization of the Mexican petroleum industry in the upcoming presidential… Read More

World Bank’s Wolfowitz Hails SHE’s HotPot

by Richard Stolz, Solar Household Energy, Inc., Summer 2006 World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz recently singled out SHE’s HotPot solar oven as an example of a product that “helps poor people seize the opportunities they need to transform… Read More

The HotPots of Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra

by Najiba Abdellaoui,, January 2006 Mme Sissoko Aïssata Diarra is making a name for herself in global ecology circles as promoter of the HotPot initiative. HotPots are low-cost, easy-to-use solar ovens developed by Solar Household Energy (SHE),… Read More

World Vison Report: Kitchen Appliance Plugged into the Sun

Interview with SHE partner and Director of the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund and the Director of the Sierra Gordas Ecological Group in Mexico. Solar cookers require nothing more than the sun’s energy to heat up food. And in… Read More

BBC News: Solar power cooks medical waste

Cookers powered by the sun could be a cheap method for developing countries to dispose of hazardous medical waste. Solar-box cookers focus the sun’s rays and produce temperatures of between 100 and 150 degrees centigrade – enough to… Read More

Solar Dryer Systems and the Internet: important resources to improve food preparation

by David E. Whitfield, November 2000 Presented at:INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOLAR COOKINGKIMBERLY – SOUTH AFRICA26th – 29th NOVEMBER, 2000 ABSTRACT In many countries of the world, the use of solar thermal systems in the agricultural area to conserve… Read More