SHE’s HotPot project in Gaga refugee camp, Chad highlighted by Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology

The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology published an article on SHE’s solar cooking project in Gaga refugee camp entitled “Solar Cookers in Africa supported by Lutheran World Federation and other partners,” highlighting the HotPot solar cooker’s… Read More

Research Studies of the HotPot, a Panel Solar Cooker

TR-01.1 Theoretical model of temperatures in a HotPot This report describes transient heating experiments with the 5-liter size “HotPot” solar cooker, using 1 liter of cooking oil as the load. The methodology here is “semi-empirical”, meaning that basic… Read More

The HotPot Initiative in Mexico

Since 2003, SHE has been conducting solar cooking projects in rural Mexico, and this work continues today.   This article describes the history of our efforts — with local partners — to introduce solar cookers and provide training and… Read More

Water Pasteurizing and Cooking in the HotPot

REVIEW OF THE HOTPOT  Hannah Rolland is a senior at Elon University in North Carolina, majoring in Environmental and International Studies. She is currently conducting research regarding the potential to use solar cookers to pasteurize water to provide… Read More

HotPot Training Program

SHE works through private entities, governments and local NGOs to establish the sustainable distribution of solar ovens. SHE provides training of local instructors who in turn train others – the “cascade” effect. Base line surveys are conducted before… Read More

How The HotPot Works

The pot assembly comprises a 5-liter black-enameled steel pot supported by its rim inside a covered, transparent, tempered glass bowl. There is a half-inch of air space between the pot and the bowl. The heat retained inside the… Read More

The HotPot: the natural way to cook!

Through field experience and research, SHE perceived the need for a mass-produced solar oven that was durable, efficient, easy-to-use, portable and commercially viable. After years of research the HotPotTM design was completed in 2004. It evolved from the… Read More

More HotPots for Sudanese refugees in Chad

A small solar cooker distribution and training pilot project in the Gaga refugee camp in Chad led to a larger effort. Both projects were managed under the auspices of and with funding support from the U.N. High Commissioner… Read More

Cooking Beans with the HotPot in Mexico

Nice video on how the HotPot works and how to use it. Narrated in Spanish. Frijoles hirviendo con el sol en mi olla solar.

HotPot demonstration at Google headquarters

by Pat McArdle, Summer 2009 On April 22nd, solar cooker advocates gathered at Google Headquarters in Mt. View, CA. for a day-long demo organized by SHE Board Chairman Pat McArdle and Mark Aubin, the founder of Google Earth.   Google’s… Read More